2020-11-20 | Genesis 25-28 | The Impetuous Seed

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Impetuous: impulsive, rash, hasty, reckless, heedless, foolhardy, imprudent, injudicious, ill-conceived, ill-considered, unplanned, unreasoned, unthought-out, unthinking, precipitate, precipitous, headlong, hurried, rushed. Anything but a cautious and sober-minded decision. For years I have taught my children, “Stop…think before you do anything.” At one point I had rubber bracelets made […]

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2020-10-23 | Genesis 6-11 | Tender Branches – The Fate of Two Messengers

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Sometimes Yahweh’s instructions seem quite ridiculous. Why build a boat to save you from floodwaters when it has never before rained? We’re all familiar with Abraham’s extreme act of faith that was accounted to him for righteousness, but Noah’s obedience to build the ark might be considered […]

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