Election 2020 – Kingdom Law ADDENDUM

Trump 2020 ADDENDUM Sealed

Today as we witness the deceptive voting and vote counting methods during and after the presidential election on November 3, 2020, we declare these premises as fact:

1. Mailed in ballots in the states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada are subjected to massive amounts of fraud as they waited until all the voting day ballots were counted so they can then count the votes they need to change the results from Trump to Biden.

2. Votes for Trump have been discarded at the same time that invalid votes that have no matching signature and no validation are being counted for Biden.

3. Vote counting in Georgia was halted do to a flood, which has not been proven to be a lie, so they could add the votes they need for Biden to win, again they are manufactured votes.

4. Trump will win Nevada, Pennsylvania, Arizona. Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan.

5. I am not sure how many voter fraud techniques were being used in various states, but I do know they will all be exposed before the winner of the election can be declared.