Statement Of Faith

Kingdom Embassy Ministries believes that the church was originally established with an Apostolic (Pastoral) and Prophetic authority structure, mutually submitted under the Kingship of Y’shua our Messiah, and that we are commissioned to first turn non-Christians toward Christ, and then mature Christians into disciples.

We introduce the world to God’s redeeming love with a simple message. Any version of the Gospel of Salvation will do: Christ Crucified; God loves you and gave His only Son to die for your sin; Y’shua died in your place; confess with you mouth and believe in your heart that Y’shua is Lord; believe and be baptized; unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God; Let your light so shine before men, that they would see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven…

If this simple message is presented like an eloquent speech by a brilliant professional, it will be very difficult to tell if those responding are doing so because of the polished convincing words of an inspirational speaker, or if it is truly the power of God at work. To those who don’t know God, the only message to convey is this; “Jesus Christ, because of His love for you, went to the cross and paid the debt for your sins with His life. And when He resurrected from the grave, it paved the way for your new life as a child of God. Outside of that reality, you are destined for a life of uncertainty, fear and eventual death. Access to this gift is free for all those who God gives the faith to believe.” There are no human words that can persuade anyone of this truth. As ministers, we can only be confident that a conversion is real if we minimize our input and let the power of God do all the work. In other words, our importance must decrease so that Christ’s preeminence would increase. Preach faith in Christ crucified; nothing complicated. Then step aside and watch the power of God in action.

Now the journey from spiritual childhood to spiritual adulthood can begin. There is a known discipleship path to becoming spiritual adults. Actively add very specific things to the faith you were given. Add virtue, then knowledge, then self-control, then perseverance, then godliness, then brotherly love, and finally the greatest thing of all—love. God is love. Follow this path and the promise is that you will never stumble. On your journey, NEVER forget that all your past sins are forgiven. LEAVE THEM in the past and press on to the high calling of becoming like Christ.

God’s divine power is entrusted to those who become spiritual adults, those who actively seek to increase their knowledge of the Lord Y’shua the Messiah. Spiritual adults can become partakers of His exceeding power, all of His precious promises, and His divine nature. God might say it is like this; “If you become a mature spiritual adult, you can be trusted to manage My power and wisdom; I can now reveal the hidden mysteries of My Kingdom. You must be equipped, as My human initiative partners, to usher My Kingdom to earth. Only My wise and faithful managers can bear the responsibility of participating in all that this requires, and then partaking in My glory, without becoming prideful, self-absorbed, and or enamored with taking center stage.”

Those operating solely in human wisdom cannot even begin to conceive the wonders of what God has prepared for those who love Him with an adult-like love. Again, God is love, so the highest expression of His divine nature as a spiritual adult is perfect love. Think of it this way; the thoughts of mankind are easily known by the spirit that is in mankind. And the thoughts of God are easily known by the Spirit of God. However, when that great exchange takes place, when you accept God’s love and Y’shua the Messiah’s substitutionary death on the cross for you, His life for your life, the most supernatural thing occurs. God makes His Spirit available to you and you are no longer bound by a singular reality. You now have the option to live life animated by His Spirit instead of your human spirit.

Once you submit to the total Lordship of God the Father, you are no longer subject to merely human judgments. Why? Because humans filled with only a human spirit cannot possibly understand what is on God’s heart (mind) or how He operates. However, when we become mature Christians, we have access to the most extraordinary promise; we can operate with the mind of Christ. In other words, we can share in His divine nature; we can think like God. This is what we believe because this is what the Word of God clearly says.

(Modeled after 1 Corinthians 2, 2 Peter 1-11, Romans 6, 7, 8)