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Energy & Dissipation | Wholistic Grace | 2022-08-27Mixing Science and the Bible
Medical Theology: What secular science attempts to describe, regarding human anatomy and physiology, cannot adequately account for what they observe. Scientific principles can never offer complete explanations or bring full understanding of the wonders of human creation, without including God’s hand!

Wholistic Gospel: Sanctifying Spirit, Soul and Body
Wholistic Grace: Energizing Spirit, Soul and Body

• 24 hours per day, 168 hours per week
• That is all you have; that’s what we all have!
• Each of us has to decide what we will do with our time.
• Each of us will decide what energy and resources will be available to us during that time.
• One perspective: we are all victims confined to this “jar of life.”
• The only way to maximize our lives is to fill the volume of that jar, every cubic millimeter (or inch) and leave no wasted space.
• How do you do that?