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2022-08-26 | Deuteronomy 11-16 | Indomitable GraceIn some circles in the Christian faith it is believed that God’s grace is irresistible. What does that even mean? I think it best we consider the idea of grace first, before we decide if it is so overwhelming, overpowering, and compelling, as to be involuntarily unavoidable. I like to think of grace as the brilliance that might reflect off the perfect diamond, if you were to shine the brightest light imaginable in its direction. Yes, that’s a great word picture, especially if you are the diamond. In spiritual vernacular, grace is God’s supernatural power. God directs His power towards us in all its indomitable magnificence, and it has no choice but to reflect.

And that inspires a second question. Do we have a choice to encounter grace? I’m not thinking about the reflecting back part; that’s should be self-evident. If the brightest of lights is blasted toward an object, it will illuminate that object as the light reflects from it. I’m thinking, instead, of the diamond. How perfect is the diamond, how polished? Sure light will reflect off a lump of coal if it’s in the path of that light, but it won’t be brilliant. And the question remains; can the diamond (or coal) run and hide, or is the brilliance unavoidable…inescapable? I’ll leave that for you to ponder, as my true concern for now is you, the diamond itself, the object doing the reflecting, assuming it has encountered God’s grace. And let’s make a clear distinction, as there are some who believe God’s grace excuses abhorrent behavior. That is like hijacking God’s power in some slimy back alley transaction. Note to self: it won’t work!