Full Sermon Notes (2019-10-04)

• Israel is standing at the shore the the Jordan 40 years after the exodus (some days before they do actually cross into the promised land.

• Moses has just retold the entire history of Israel’s journey.

• Moses just reiterated the instructions from God and how to live — including many warnings

• Moses has completed the writing down of the 5 books (Genesis-Deuteronomy) and commands them that at every sabbatical year (7th year) at the Feast of Tabernacles, they shall read the law to all people-even the little ones (vv. 9-13)

• Moses just told them what would happen one day (Ch. 30) when God’s people would have their hearts circumcised and how they would become radically obedient

• Now—Moses knows he’s about to die (v. 16) and he is passing on the mantel to Joshua (vv. 7-8)

• Then Moses inaugurates Joshua to take over (v. 23)