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Y’shua’s words in Matthew 5:33-37 are often cited as evidence that making promises to Yahweh, or in more “Biblical Terms” swearing a vow or an oath, is erroneously thought to be something we ought not do. But, taking a deeper look into His words reveals quite the opposite conclusion; yes, do make vows, but under no circumstances swear falsely. Let your “yes be yes, and our no be no.” Have you ever seriously considered the vow you made to Yahweh? Are you truly “set apart” and less concerned for who society says you are, and more focused on your “promise” to be who Yahweh says you are in Him? In this week’s Torah Portion we explore what “our” Nazirite Vow should look like. Yes! The vow you took as a Born-Again believer closely resembles the instructions Yahweh gave Moses in the Book of Numbers.