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[Let’s set the scene] A coin toss…

[Heads] I thought God was good; but I just can’t see any proof. All I know is that I am in the weeds right now and I just can’t see my way out. If Yahweh is so loving, then why is my life so hard? I don’t deserve this; it’s not fair. I love God and I live a good Christian life. What’s the use in following Y’shua if all it gets me is pain and suffering? I’d be better off doing my own thing; look at all the happy people who could care less about Him.

[Tails] Life is good. I have every thing I need and every part of my life is dialed in. My relationships are excellent; my provisions are beyond my wildest expectations; and I seem to come out on top every time. I must be doing something right! It’s pretty easy to see the difference in my life from the others around me who always seem to be in a crisis. I try to tell them, but they are just too stubborn to listen. Yet, it is completely obvious I’m doing things right and they are not.

Which side of this coin is suffering Spiritual Amnesia? What is the cure and how can it be prevented in the first place?