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While doing life in general in today’s society, it is eminently obvious that the Human race, by and large, does not view itself quite the same as it once did. We are now living in a casual, convenient, and global society, in which absolutes regarding intimacy between people, either of opposite or same gender, do not matter. Instead of deep, meaningful, and committed relationships, casual and convenient partnerships are encouraged. If a relationship results in pregnancy, society regularly encourages the option of killing the unborn child, framed around “a woman’s choice” and addressed as “getting rid of it.”

The notion abounds that there is no objective morality. That is challenged only when WE articulate the thought that moral absolutes do exist and from where they come! The wickedness of society is on full display for all to see. And, it centers on attacking the truth that we have a Creator and what is the most important image and mandate of that Creator. “The two shall become one flesh” and “Be fruitful and multiply.”

How did we get here? A wise man once said, “Begin at the beginning.” Let’s remind ourselves of the intrinsic value of humanity by doing just that! Let’s go back to the beginning!

Portion: Bereisheet