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Are you the one or should I look for another? It’s hard to imagine that you can experience so many encounters with God, and still have doubts. At times, even after you have tasted the promises of God, you still might end up in a difficult situation. In those moments do you look for another? At other times you have to wait on the Lord for what seems like a lifetime. During those long dry seasons, do you look for another? Do you find another? And what happens while you are enjoying the other, and Yahweh encounters you with what you have been waiting for?

Only, you’re no longer waiting, as you already took matters into your own hands. All of a sudden you’re in a sticky wicket; on one hand you have been enjoying “another,” and now God is ready to fulfill His promises. If your reaction is, “God, can’t I just keep what I already have, and You can bless that?”, you’re in good company! Abram soon to become Abraham did just that. “Why not let Ishmael inherit what you have promised me?” Let’s explore this all too common occurrence in our walk of faith, “Are you the one, or should I look for another?”