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Here we are, facing our greatest enemy. We could be standing in the garden with Y’shua on the night of His betrayal, or standing with Moses at the edge of the sea on the night of our deliverance from Egypt. “Draw the sword and fight or stand still and see the deliverance of Yahweh?” that is the question. Look around you this very day. Do you feel the danger; do you feel your enemies pressing in against you? Do you feel the need to prepare, to ready for the fight, the need to defend yourself and your family against the tyranny? We are poised at the precipice of a PROPHETIC MOMENT in history. What is the Lord asking us to do? Should we “cut off the ear of our foe” or “be still”?

Today we explore the final chapters in the life of Joseph, a man who had many opportunities to raise the sword against his enemies. What can we learn from his life? What can we learn from the heart of the man who said to his adversaries (may I paraphrase?), “I’m Joseph, do not be afraid; it’s all good. I’m not God and He had a plan all along to use my chains as a means to become an ambassador to the most powerful nation on earth. And He did it all so He could save you! So no, I have no sword to lift against you; now stand still and see the deliverance of the Lord!”