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Leviticus 9-11 | The Face of Y'shuaGlory? The high renown or honor won by notable achievements. A small sample of many possible synonyms would be fame, prestige, distinction, preeminence, and acclaim. Even magnificence or great beauty, praise, worship, and thanksgiving are excellent descriptors. But when considering the glory of Yahweh, not even all of these words aggregated come close.

And yet, here is the promise when you choose to obey Him; “the glory of Yahweh will appear to you.” What is not worth trading for that? In other words, obey God by all means and the payoff will be immeasurably above your cost.

But there’s more. The promise too is that His very glory will be revealed in you. Let’s take pause and consider the magnitude of this promise. His glory WILL BE REVEALED IN YOU! What’s that worth to you? I hope your answer is this: “I have spent enough of my past lifetime doing the will of the pagans. I will no longer run with them in the same flood of dissipation, nor live the rest of my life in the flesh for the lusts of men. From now on I live for the will of God.”