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Numbers 13-15 | Self PreservationWill you go forward into your destiny or do you want to go back to Egypt? We all know what “going back to Egypt” means. It remains as powerful imagery for believers today. Back in the wilderness days of Israel, the people had the tendency to complain as soon as things ahead seemed challenging or bleak. “We should return to Egypt; this was a mistake; let’s regroup and go back.” And this was their tendency, even after all they had witnessed: the ten plagues; the annihilation of their captors; an ocean that parted; water from a rock; bread from heaven; the voice of their God on the mountain; a betrothal to the Almighty; and a cloud by day and fire by night to lead them.

Then, when they had finally arrived at their destiny, they were given a simple task. Here are your marching orders; go in and survey the Land of Promise and come back with a report. God was looking for them to discover a few facts about their upcoming inheritance. “What is the land like? What are the people like? What are the cities like? What is the fruit like?” And here are some report guidelines: Do not rebel against Yahweh! Do not fear the people of the land! And always remember, Yahweh is with you and against them! Then, with all that information, make a simple choice — determine if are you able or are not able to take the land and receive the promises of God.

In the end we discover that there are two spirits in operation here, and one potential snag that could derail the whole thing, the strong desire to preserve ones own life. One spirit says, “we are able!” and the other, “we are not!” One is willing to lose his own life for the sake of God’s promises, the other is all about self preservation. Which spirit is controlling you?