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Numbers 16-18 | The Best of the BestWhen I was a new believer, almost 30 years ago, I was fascinated while listening to sermons, and wondered how those pastors knew so much about the Bible and how they were able to extract such amazing messages from the Scriptures. Through those early years, I listened to sermon after sermon with keen interest. But, as the years passed I noticed something. Call it discernment or maybe it was being judgmental. I know each gift that God gives us has its equal but opposite counterpart. So, I have to be careful here to not cross into judgmental.

I noticed over the years that more and more of these sermons began to sound canned. They seemed almost mechanical in nature, as if they were part of some obligatory statement a lawyer must give, commenting on his client’s position. I think in politics you’d call it the “party line.” There seemed to be no life in them, no freshness in the messages, no abundance. It was as if these sermons were downloaded by robots and repeated, flavored only by various charismatic personalities. I realized that for a message to have real power, it could not just follow some formulaic model of “best sermon techniques,” but instead needed to be inspired by an overflow of what was happening in “that man’s life!” For the truth to pour out, there needed to be an overflow of the Spirit within.

This discovery has resurfaced in my mind in recent weeks, as I look back at the last few messages. Sure I believe they are true. A few weeks ago it was “Follow Me.” You have to give it all up, no matter what, lay it all down, and run after Y’shua with all you’ve got, from that moment He called you, and every day since. And then in “Self-Preservation” last week—you better be ready to give your very life for your faith. If you think you can preserve your way of life, or life itself, you will lose it. Again, all-in is the only way. And now this week, “The Best of the Best.” Do you think you can offer God anything other than your absolute best? Do you think anything less than making your faith walk your top priority is acceptable? You’d be wrong.

So, why these messages, why now? I believe we have reached a turning point in history. Never before has the following option been more critical. “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve with your entire being, the gods of this world, or Yahweh and His Son.” I know the choice I’ve made, what about you?