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Deuteronomy 21-25 | Prophetic ImplicationsWhat does it mean to be “duty bound?” And what does Yahweh do when one is not willing or aware of the need to fulfill that duty? I pray you realize there are no idle words in the Bible and every historical event has implications, well beyond the narrative itself. In other words, the history of what actually took place is important, but what it means prophetically is far more significant. The best way to investigate what is the deeper message hidden in biblical narratives is to consider the Scriptures as a type of divine web of interconnections and revelations. For instance, in one area of Scripture Yahweh gives a command; in another we read a seemingly unrelated historical account. Then, in yet a third area, He reveals the prophetic nature in which that command was fulfilled in that story. To appreciate it, you must become a student of the Scriptures.

And what is most fascinating is that when man is not willing to fulfill his commanded duty, or not even aware of it, Yahweh steps in and makes it happen. He simply will not be denied. Good thing for us, as you will certainly see shortly!

And could we agree on one final point? If we can weave together a few fibers of this divine tapestry, might we then become more useful in bringing the Kingdom to earth? We can do so by recognizing the prophetic significance of God’s Laws. Let me defer to the words of Y’shua to describe what I’m saying; “Every scribe instructed concerning the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasure things new and old.”