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“Do you honestly think you will get away with that?” You could ask this of anyone who is openly, or even unknowingly, mocking Yahweh’s truth and justice. If you further inquired about their beliefs and practices, I bet you would sense one or more of these sentiments in a majority of them:

• They don’t consider God because they don’t even believe He exists.
• They openly deny Yahweh in favor of some false god.
• They don’t consider God because what is perceived as beneficial today far outweighs the unknown consequences of tomorrow.
• They do consider a god, but they are completely deceived; they worship a false god, while believing they serve Yahweh.
• They do consider a god, but for expedience, they have changed who He is to fit their own beliefs.

What we are seeing today, in many instances, are those who proclaim to follow Jesus, while simultaneously violating so many of His teachings. And worse yet, they actually believe they will escape His judgment.

As the psalmist warns, “Yahweh laughs at the wicked, for He sees that his day is coming; their own sword shall enter their heart.” Oftentimes, that “sword” is comprised of the very people and institutions who once supported the mocker.

I like to say it like this; “Satan has no allegiance to those who worship him. He will chew them up and spit them out once they are no longer effective for him.” Well, look no further than the current events of today and you will witness the destruction coming upon those who mock God. Their usefulness for Satan has run its course and Yahweh is laughing.