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Genesis 23-25 | Bicycles Don't Have ReverseHave you ever been tempted to go backwards? You know, when you’ve chosen to do what was right and it still ain’t working out. It stinks when good decisions seem to yield bad results. What then? “Must you go back to, from where you came?” It’s certainly tempting to reverse your decisions when you’re sure you did things God’s way and it turned out to be a big mess. “No good deed goes unpunished” is the comical euphemism often inserted in these situations.

Nevertheless, it’s also abundantly clear that going in reverse is NOT the answer. I’d like you to consider your faith-walk like riding a bicycle. It can be wobbly at times, and truly, steering takes a million micro-corrections to get you where you want to go. But, bicycles don’t have reverse. Sometimes you just have to keep going forward until you find the right spot to make bigger turns. But don’t be mistaken, you are always going forward. I really like how Abraham said it, as he instructed his servant on finding a wife for Isaac. I’ll paraphrase it for you. “Go find a wife for my son, but under no circumstances are you to take him back to, from where I came. That life is over and all of God’s promises are right in front of us.”