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2022–01-07 | Exodus 10-13 | Tea Bags or Trash BagsIn everyday life we have items we use for both pleasure and out of necessity. One such item I find pleasure in is tea. I wasn’t always a tea drinker and neither do I consider myself a tea connoisseur if there is such a thing. Various teas have differing and interesting spices; they taste and smell great and can be consumed hot or cold for many reasons beyond taste and aroma, many of which are holistic and medicinal. A common way to prepare tea is to use Tea Bags submerged in hot water. Have you heard it said that Christians are like teabags?

Some things we all use out of necessity are Trash bags. We need not explain much regarding trash bags. Their purpose is pretty obvious and cannot be overlooked. Try running your household without using them and let me know how that works for you.

I’d like to say that Christians can either be like “TeaBags” or “Trashbags”. I’m almost sure saying this in an introduction will not be popular, but it has its purpose. It should help spark something inside of you to pay close attention. Which do you think Yahweh would rather use? Which would you choose to be if you had a choice? Oh, and by the way—you have a choice!