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2022-02-11 | Exodus 27-30 | River RocksWhat is it about river rocks? You’ve all held one in your hand. They are shiny and smooth, no ragged edges, nothing sharp or offensive to soft skin. But, not every rock in a river is a river rock. They all can be, but there is one thing that separates river rocks from rocks in a river. That’s time! You see, for a rough and jagged stone to be transformed into a smooth and shinny rock, it needs to sit in the river continuously, for a very long time.

It’s like the life of a faithful disciple. You can’t just dip your toe in the water and pray the rushing river will transform your whole life, or even your small appendage. All you get when you test the water is a wet toe. But jump in, submerge your whole body, and most importantly, stay there, and your whole being will transform! You’ll go from rough and ragged, and not so nice to touch, to smooth and shinny and gentle on the skin.

That is why God emphasizes the idea of a continuous fire. Light the lamp, and keep supplying it with pure oil. Ignite the incense and keep feeding the flames—forever! Don’t ever let the light go out; don’t ever stop the fragrance of incense from going up. It’s a perpetual burn, not a toe in the water.