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2022-04-01 | Leviticus 12-15 | The ReasonEverything happens for a reason. You may not see it right away and you may be up against a decision that seems contrary to the crowds all around you. But, that is when knowing the heart of God is most important. What do you do when all hope is lost and all that is left is to surrender your understanding to one last desperate attempt? You cannot stay hidden any longer and every effort to find relief from man has been rebuffed. Reason and reasonableness have failed.

But isn’t that just like God? When the reason is because there seems to be no reason. Yes, that’s it! In my brain, and with every logical option I’ve exercised, there should have been a solution. But there simply wasn’t. That is when your reason must give way to THE REASON.

There it is; there He is! But He seems so far away and there are so many things between us, so many people. What should I do? I have nothing to lose. I’ll knock everyone out of the way, remove everything standing between Him and me. I’ll push through the crowd and I’ll reach out, stretch toward Him, ligament, muscle, and sinew straining to the point of avulsion. I must touch Him, my last hope, my only hope. And then…

“Who touched Me?” “I did Lord, and this is why. I had nowhere else to turn; I should have come sooner; I should have ignored the crowd; I should have known all along that You would look beyond my filth, my issues, my past, my unworthiness, and my failed attempts to seek solutions from men! I should have known you would look beyond the letter that commands my isolation and demands I keep my hands to myself. I should have known You would have said, ‘Reach out, touch Me.’ And so I finally left my reason behind, and in exchange I now offer You Your reason.” “And how I was healed immediately.” How about you?