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From where do you derive your value? Pay close attention here; I’m not asking you from where you derive your values, as in principles and standards of behavior. I’m asking about your self worth. It’s easy to fall into the trap that defines you as your profession or vocation; your possessions, position and accomplishments; your situation and circumstances; relationships and associations; your true outer appearance or how you appear to others, including their opinions, judgments, gossip, posts and compliments. Even your divine calling and purpose is not who you are, is not how your real worth is measured.

Many people today are victims of selfie-worth, an inner belief that you are what you can convince others to believe about you. I am not sure that’s any better than those who feel they have no worth at all. Any combination of these valuation formulas is a lie, and we know who fathers lies! Yet, if you are not any of these, what are you? Who are you? How much are you worth and who decides? These are all excellent questions, and if you are not asking them, maybe you should be!

I’d like to introduce you to a concept. Those who are not born again, justified by faith in the precious work of the cross of Christ, have at their disposal a sole self-valuation formula that demands they load their balance-sheet with self-worth assets derived from the above. Christians, however, have a different form of accounting at their disposal, should they choose. Yes, it’s available, but not guaranteed. You must exercise the option.

Sure, at your born-again encounter, you confessed who God is and what Y’shua had done for you. In other words you openly acknowledged with your mouth that God is who He says He is. But, there is another side to the faith coin, and that is the belief in your heart that you are who God says you are. And that is the optional side. You can believe who God is and yet your opinion of yourself can still be wrapped up in all of the above lies. The cross-over happens when you abandon those lies and begin to see your self worth through God’s eyes. Yes! He is from where your real valuation comes. The High Priest of our confession sets the true value of people, places and things, and I highly suggest you adopt His accounting method!