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I want what I want, I want it now, and I want it easy. And more importantly, I want what’s yours, and I especially don’t want you to have it! That my friends is covetousness in its purest form. Now let’s mix in a little witchcraft and make a public spectacle of the whole thing and let’s see whose side Yahweh is on. I’m confident He’s on my side, as it is clear you have just come with your own agenda, and what is more clear is that there is no reason God chose you when he could have chosen me and my rebellion. Plus, I’m terribly dissatisfied with what I’ve been given, even though Yahweh says it too is special, He’s clearly mistaken; I’m confident I know better then He as well! Does any part of this resonate in your spirit, even a tiny bit? If so, tune in and let’s see where the Fire of Yahweh lands!