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I’m not certain you’ll find a portion of Scripture that has more prophetic big ticket items than Genesis 18 to 22. We could certainly grab any one of them and teach an entire sermon on it. Let’s see: nothing is impossible with God; all things happen in their appointed times; God does not hide what He will do from His prophets; who are you to judge me; don’t look back, forget the past; God always shows us what He will do in the future; God provides where He guides; faith is a combination of hearing and doing; what happens when you don’t withhold your only begotten son; what it means to be a living sacrifice; a third day return to life; the worship and faith connection; the ram of God and lamb of God; the significance of descendants as numerous as stars and sands; the singular “seed” of promise; fear not, He already has your spouse picked out!

But, instead of just one, I decided—let’s do them all! Hence “A Prophetic Bailiwick.” In other words, let’s operate in a certain sweet spot, in this case, the prophetic! Besides, you can’t build THE CHURCH without it. Remember, “You are members of the household of God, which is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Y’shua Himself being the chief corner stone.”