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Have you ever been pressed to the limit and you know that beyond any doubt the only way you will find peace, the only way you will be certain, is if God Almighty answers your petition in every detail? I’m not talking about a vague feeling or gentle leading; I’m talking exact and detailed answers. I’ve been there! We all have. In my three decades as a devout Christian I can recall those testimonies as if they were yesterday. They seem so fresh in my mind, I’m sure because I have told the stories over and over and over again. I believe it glorifies God as it testifies to His majesty.

But, it also encourages me and others to keep the faith when times are tough and when “there I am again” needing another specific and detailed answer from the Lord. He has never let me down. And that’s the thing; His track record in my life is so long and so predictable that every time I’m up against it, I know just what to do. It’s who He is and it’s how I’ve learned to live, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. For those of you who have been there, you know what I mean. For some of you who have yet to test the deep waters of radical faith, jump in; “the water is fine!” Finally, let me leave you with this; I love to tell stories, mostly because I love to tell of my testimonies, which has led me to this simple yet profound conclusion: “If you tell your testimony, God will give you more testimonies to tell!”