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*We apologize for the popping noise in this video. We did not realize that the mic became defective during the sermon. We tried to fix it afterward but have not been successful. We believe that you still will be able to appreciate the content of the message, but you must endure some static to do so! Sorry!

Everybody’s into it! Have you read…Did you know…You should see…We should go…You gotta hear…My entire church is doing it! If there is anything more cringeworthy than Christians getting carried away with the newest arrival to the Christian scene, I don’t know what it is.

Have you noticed it? Walk into any popular, seeker-friendly church these days and you will see the same set-up: a dark theatre, flashing lights, smoke machines, popular sounds, and a lot of motivational talk in lieu of teaching the Bible. Leaving inspired by persuasive words takes precedent over God’s wisdom. I call this “Grated Entertainment.” And no doubt, the louder the preacher and the more emotional his shouting, the more hypnotized his audience!

Outside the sanctuary there’s an entire marketplace catering to the evangelical nature of “Christians”. Why wouldn’t you go after that segment of consumer? They love to spread information. In the Church it’s called evangelism, but in the marketplace they call it word-of-mouth advertising. You see it all the time. It’s the latest Christian book, program, diet, prayer technique, bible study, seminar, or itinerant preacher, maybe better called a traveling salesman. The newest arrival spreads like wildfire and predictably fades—those benefiting the most being the progenitors of the latest fad.

Don’t buy in! These fads are always short lived and produce nothing of any lasting value, neither here on earth nor in eternity. If everyone is “doing it,” that in itself should be a red flag. I am not saying there is nothing of value for Christians in the marketplace, only that your truth-meter needs to be dialed in to spot the gimmicks. Unfortunately, conforming to the ways of the world, cloaked behind a thin Christian veneer, is the sad direction modern seeker-friendly Christianity has chosen. Don’t conform; there’s a more excellent way!