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Deuteronomy 31 | Inexcusable!A good friend once taught me that once you become good at making excuses, you will never become good at anything else—ever again! The Holy Scriptures are replete with warnings against straying from Yahweh’s ways. But, He is a gracious God who provides every resource for us to be successful. He doesn’t just mention His expectations and then leave us to figure it out. And He could never be accused of being vague. I mean, He literally repeats Himself over and over again, reiterating His requirements and expectations in so many different ways, as to speak to the hearts of every type of personality. I believe He does this so we are left with no viable excuse for why we disobey Him. “I didn’t know!” is not an option. “Ignorance of the law is no excuse,” was as true then as it is today. For sure, ignorance is NOT by any means bliss! And to be sure the people could have no excuse, Moses wrote down the law and it was read to every person every seven years. He even composed a song for the people to sing—so they would remember. Even the kings of Israel were required, each individually, to write a copy of the law for himself, in its entirety, and to read it all the days of his life. This was to insure he would neither become prideful nor stray from God’s commands. Neither the people nor the king have any excuse to disobey! What excuses are you making?