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It’s not the limp of Jacob I’m referring to here—not the limp of a man who has just wrestled with God and prevailed, a man fighting for a new name, a new identity, a new calling, even a new destiny. No, that would be a welcomed limp, as it bears the scars of a testimony of overcoming with God. I pray we would all live with the tenacity of Jacob, the fortitude necessary to emerge as Israel. He fought to the very end; “I will not let You go until you bless me!”

Is this not the exact opposite circumstance I am referring to here, scars that remind us that we have indeed already been blessed, but cannot see the blessing, will not see the blessings, two inches in front of us? You have been given all things needed to live a godly life, blessed with every spiritual blessing, imbued with resurrection power, and yet you still walk around like you have a defect, as if you were lame in the feet, a spiritual cripple. In other words, you are walking around with a limp when—indeed, you should be sprinting freely into your destiny, a useful tool for bringing the Kingdom and doing greater works!

It’s time for a spiritual hip replacement. Yes, it’s a major surgery and you will need lots of recovery time and rehab. But fear not, the surgeon is a world-renowned expert and His scalpel—well, it’s sharper than a two-edged sword!