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Leviticus 16-20 | Forgiveness, Blood, Law & LoveGet yourself in a quiet place in which you can think without any distractions. I want to ask you three critical questions that you should enjoy contemplating. Are you there?

Here’s the first one: Why does the blood of Jesus “save” you? Now, don’t give a snap answer; really think about it. Ready for the next one?

Here’s number two: What is the relationship between the righteousness of faith and the righteousness of the law? Again, take your time! Are you ready for the last question?

Here’s your final question: When God first commands us to love our neighbor, what specifically does He say we should do to demonstrate that love? Take as much time as you need.

These three questions can be challenging for many Christians. And they are not intended to put you on the spot, but rather to demonstrate the critical importance of knowing God’s Word, and more specifically, the Hebrew Roots of your faith.

If you enjoyed the challenge of answering any of these questions, you will thoroughly enjoy the upcoming message: Blood, Law, & Love