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Deuteronomy 16-21 | The Justice LeagueThroughout human history, has there ever been a time when those in power DID NOT intend to manipulate and deceive the unsuspecting masses? First instigate division among the people and help them develop a goodly amount of contempt for one another. Then control them like puppets. Divide and conquer! There’s nothing new under the sun and, no surprise, it’s happening even now. Could there be more deception, more division?

The question I want you to ponder today is this; has this insidious problem ever been remedied by revealing the truth behind the curtain? Does exposing the corruption ever bring justice? Or, instead does it further the twisted deception? Simply observe what is happening. The louder the truth-tellers scream, the harder the deceivers dig in and the more bizarre their stories become. And if the truth is just too difficult to twist, censor it, or delete it, or just rewrite history altogether and publish a new narrative.

I don’t write this to depress you or make you afraid, quite the contrary. And I’m not saying there is no value in screaming the truth from the rooftops. People do need to hear the truth. What I am saying is this…there is a better remedy. The solution is spiritual! The Church must act like the Church. God’s righteous elect are the remedy, if we would just take our proper seat of authority! Let me paraphrase the prophetic Psalmist. God will not tolerate corrupt rulers who kill the innocent and make injustice legal forever. True justice will indeed return to the courts, governed by righteous men.

It’s time for the JUSTICE LEAGUE to arise. No, not a lineup of fictional superheroes. JUSTICE is righteous judgment. And a LEAGUE is a collection of people who collaborate, cooperate, align, and conspire for a particular purpose. Sure, keep shouting the truth for the few who will listen, but more importantly, become a people through whom Yahweh can administer HIS JUSTICE!