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There is nothing new under the sun. It happened before and it will happen again. But that is not a fatalistic position, rather one of optimism and expectancy. You see, there was once a restriction to enter the Holiest of Holy Places, but there was also a way in! What was in that Most Holy Place? In the natural, it was called the “ark of the Testimony.” And what acted as the great barrier? A massive veil, a fifteen-foot high, fifteen-foot wide, four-inch-thick curtain. And at the time of Christ, the curtain was twice as large. What was sealed behind that veil? Man’s deepest connection with God.

Yes, what was hidden behind the curtain, just waiting to be revealed, was His testimony, which was ultimately symbolic of your testimony. Consider this a portrayal of your heart toward God, or your potential intimacy with Yahweh. There was a thick veil between you and a deep authentic connection with your Creator. In heart terms, we might even call it a hard heart or scar tissue.

For entry behind the veil, to access the full testimony and every blessing and promise from Yahweh, that veil must be torn. Much like scar tissue needs to be broken to reveal the soft, renewed tissue below, your heart must be rent in an act of circumcision to uncover the soft and pliable home in which God can dwell.

Once your heart beats with the life of God, your testimony will be available for all to see. Moses erected a veil to separate the testimony from the people. Y’shua dismantled that veil to expose the light of life hidden within. Your privilege is to enter beyond the veil with Christ, and to let the light of your heart shine before men as a testimony that glorifies God. What not to do: don’t stitch the torn veil; don’t seal off the testimony; don’t cover up what God has done; don’t return to your old ways; don’t hide your light under a basket!