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When your life is enmeshed with God, it is common to have encounters that make you think, “You can’t make this stuff up!” He cares about everything, even the subtle things. In fact, you should make a habit of accentuating all those subtle experiences, as it is oftentimes in the “still small voice” from which the greatest revelations come.

When His Word is hidden in your heart, and animates your mind “without ceasing”, unrelated ideas become wired together, seemingly out of nowhere. But we know better, or at least we should know that these impressions are not unrelated. Yahweh is not in the business of idle thoughts. Every inspiration from the Lord means something, if you are willing to receive it; His Word will never return void. I promise; if you would make the commitment to pay attention, to block out the distractions, this testimony will be part of your everyday life in the faith. “You can’t make this stuff up!”

For example, shortly before this introduction was written (and this very encounter is what inspired it), I was studying Leviticus, and making sermon notes in the early morning hours. I paused my studies to go wake my bride, as I do every morning. Then, in the silence between those two activities, and what seemed so random, I heard the still small voice. “Mary has chosen what is better.” My initial thought was, “How could this possibly relate to Leviticus and this current collection of notes on various sacrifices?” My quiet laugh broke the silence, as I sat alone. I’d been here before countless times. Moments later I was sharing this encounter with my wife, adding this one assurance. “I don’t know what it means, but I’m certain I will.”

It only took a few hours of pressing into God before the “wires touched” and the connection was made that became this message, even the title; “Mary Has Chosen What is Better!” Isn’t it worth it, the time you spend at the Lord’s feet? When you choose to do so, He always has something to say; “You have chosen what is better!” It’s the testimony every time you sit at His feet and listen to the still small voice, and it always ends the same way. In utter amazement I think, “You can’t make this stuff up!”