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2022-03-18 | Leviticus 6-8 | Folded HandkerchiefsEverything was so precise, so deliberate. Many of the details are easy to overlook, especially when they are meant to be mysterious. Don’t let that scare you; you were designed to be a spiritual detective. It may not come easy, and it may not seem natural, but I assure you, the longer you stare at them, the more they come into focus.

They often look like those squiggly, blurry, and obscure pictures that initially appear to be something born from an accident of spilled paint cans. But, if you stare long enough, and you adjust your vision against what seems natural, all of a sudden the once meaningless painting comes into focus. And what’s even more exciting is that it’s not even limited to two dimensions, but has images with multiple dimensions that change when viewed from multiple angles.

And that is exactly how it feels when you stare intently at God’s Word, and maybe in a way that seems a bit against what feels natural. It’s like trying to piece together the details of an incident by compiling the testimony of many witnesses, all standing in different locations. Imagine a circle of bystanders watching the same complex event. Then, interview everyone and compose a separate narrative using each individual testimony. As you study each viewpoint, you will realize that the further apart the angle of observation, the more varying the account. The secret to a full, multidimensional account of reality would be to piece them all together, in an overlapping series of statements. It may seem very squiggly, blurry, and obscure at first, but take your time, adjust your vision, and when it all comes into focus, you will see a glorious reality you never thought possible.

This is the deliberate style in which we are presented God’s Word. Of course, it is not meant to make you doubt or leave you confused—quite the contrary. It should inspire you to search deeper, to strain your vision until the glorious multidimensional multi-angle picture becomes clear. Yes, it’s precise and deliberate, and it’s exactly why, when Y’shua resurrected, He left His face covering in the tomb, “folded together in a place all by itself.”