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2022-05-13 | Leviticus 21-24 | Make Your Light OR Let Your Light SO ShineWhat is it about light that everyone loves, especially light that emanates from fire? In today’s reading, we witness how Yahweh instructed Moses to fashion a lampstand, and a light that is meant to burn continually.

When we leap forward to the days of Y’Shua, and His words in the Sermon on the Mount, He reveals that we are that “light of the world” meant to burn continually. This, undoubtedly, is our call to ministry. It’s a call for His disciples birthed directly from an intimate, deep and powerful relationship with Him, not a choice made from the intellect. Unfortunately, this authentic call is not always what we see today, as those “in ministry” are oftentimes self-assigned and self-empowered!

We are called to “let our lights SO shine” not “make our lights SO shine.” We are not called to be the source of light, but instead the conduit of His light. Over the centuries, the more diverse and specialized Christian denominations have become, the more reflective they’ve become of their own light, and subsequently less representative of His light and thus less impactful.

A lighthouse exists on a coastline for a specific purpose, to guide those who are seeking entrance inland, and in some instances in times of an emergency. Look around; presently the world is in a “State of Emergency!” People are frantic and in need of a beacon of light to guide them, as they near an ever-increasing tumultuous coastline. They are desperate to find their way inland. And now I leave you with this critical decision; will you “Make” or “Let” your light SO shine? One will save them; the other will end in shipwreck.