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2022-05-20 | Leviticus 25 | The Acceptable YearHere’s the challenge.
And this will only work if you are willing to become a consistent student of Yahweh’s Word. First, commit to daily reading. Then, get yourself into the correct posture as you approach the Holy Scriptures. Remember, it is the Living Word of God. It’s unlike any other book in existence. It is literally the voice of the infinite Creator. Now, if that does not give you pause and cause you to approach with deference and reverence, then I suggest you not take this challenge.

Once in position, humbly, and with the curiosity of a child, ask God to speak through His Living Word, this double-edged sword. Ask Him to reveal something new. Seek for deeper revelation, to discover what you’ve never known before. Search for magnificent intersections and allusions that will fascinate and excite you. He will show you, you know. If you are genuine and authentic in your quest, He will expose marvelous things, wondrous things. Knock on the door of prophetic inspiration and you will not be disappointed when He answers.

And that’s the thing. His Word will come alive and jump off the pages. It was there all along and yet you will see it for the first time. You wonder if anyone else ever noticed. You’re sure someone has and yet no one told you. You wonder why. Then, you follow it where it leads you. You chase it down every tortuous trail and leave no stone unturned. Many unseated rocks reveal nothing. But some, some of them have hidden diamonds just below the pressed earth.

You pick one up, wipe it off and examine it closely. You may even shed a tear or two. It’s so beautiful, so valuable. You feel privileged just to have engaged in the process. And the reward you now hold in your hand is priceless. You smile—only the Spirit of the Lord could have brought you here. Now, only one thing remains; you must steward what you’ve discovered. Deploy it to release the captives; use it to set the prisoners free.