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2022-08-13 | There is NO Winging it | Steven LawrenceGrace
Grace is the greatest gift that we have been given. We are sentenced to death for eternity and only out of the richness of Yahweh’s love are we able to be saved from that. The Gift If you were given that gift, would you not be so grateful that you spend the rest of your life to honor who gave you that gift? Why is it so hard for us to give up everything and serve Him? Because of the shiny things the enemy dangles in our face, getting caught up in possessions or fame or sex or power or greed or comfortability and laziness. We somehow think that the things this world has to offer are better than the things God has for us and then we choose to hold onto them and we decide that we can pick and choose which things we compromise on. We say that we want God to give us blessings, but also keep living with the sins in our life and we can’t have it both ways.