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2022-11-26 | Obey Even when it’s Hard | Proverbs 1:8-19 | Joshua BeiterI believe Solomon, being all wise, documents the proverbs in such a way that it almost appears as a journal or a form of notes. It makes sense regarding the riddles and sayings as if he’s reminding himself of the tools to stay on the path of righteousness. Not only for himself but Solomon has this deep urge fueled from a burning desire to help navigate the minds and spirits of those around him, before him (elders), and especially those who will come after him. Because Solomon has the ability to see and hear meanings of many deep things it would be safe to assume that naturally he wants to share insight and teach what he learns for himself with others. Wouldn’t it be selfish if otherwise? We see in the section prior that the introduction to proverbs are literal instructions for how to acquire the same sense of understanding as he had.