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2022-11-25 | Joshua 12-15 | The Promise RemainsWhy do you call me Lord and not do things that I say? It’s a great question! In modern vernacular we might even call it a reality check. And they can range quite a bit, these reality checks, from reality check and friendly nudges to harsh warnings and hostile shoves. It all depends on you. Are you receiving the message? Is reality getting through to you?

Now, there is a word that needs some clarification—reality. We can’t just assume. I mean, maybe we could at another time in history. But in a universe in which we cannot even distinguish between a man and a woman, I can’t safely assume anything. Reality should be simple to define, but it isn’t. Reality has become relative. Now, if there was EVER an oxymoron it is that…reality is relative.

Relative: existing or possessing a specified characteristic only in comparison to something else; not absolute; a fair degree of; comparative, qualified, modified… Impossible! Reality CANNOT be some degree of something. Reality is absolute. Reality is truth.

So, I will again ask; is reality getting through to you? Is absolute truth getting through? Well, when it is not, we get gentle reminders, and if we still remain dense we get disturbing and uncomfortable reminders. Then, at some point we must pick a side —definitively. The Master has gone away, but blessed is the servant whom his Master finds doing what he is supposed to be doing when the Master returns. Oh, and if you didn’t catch that, what the Master expects you to do is the ONLY reality that matters! But, there is ANOTHER reality you should wholly avoid, not another as if there is an alternative truth, but another as in the other side of the same coin.

Yes, the Master has gone away and is returning soon. One reality is this; “Blessed is the servant whom his Master finds doing what he is supposed to be doing when the Master returns.“ And the “alternate reality?” “Cut him in two and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites!” Can we all agree that you’d be better off letting those mild nudges that sometimes become brutal shoves do a work in you. Why? Because the “alternate reality” is sharper than a two edged sword and it will shred you to ribbons!