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2022-09-30 | Deuteronomy 31-32 | Post Mortem ImperativeIt’s a moral imperative, one that does not expire upon death. What could possibly be so crucial, so vitally important, that even death cannot relieve its obligation? We often think in terms of inheritance, succession and legacy, when we think of such things, the stuff left behind after our decease. I wonder what comes to your mind as you contemplate this idea. I’d guess for most of you, it would concentrate somewhere in the subject matter of estate planning and business succession.

Those are important for many reasons, but not the topic of this discussion. And although important, could they ascend to the lofty heights of vital, indispensable, or critical for life and death? I’d say not, and maybe you’d argue. And I suppose we could still return to succession and legacy in search of meaning, with one caveat; remove estate planning and entrepreneurial endeavors from the topics of your probing.

What else is there? What might be the moral imperative; what is so vital, so indispensable, so critical that you must not leave it out of your quest for succession, your pursuit of legacy? I pray that the very fact that we are studying the Bible would give you a clue. And if you take your faith seriously enough and you are willing to take your cues from scripture, you just might see the immeasurable value of leaving this behind for those who will travel this road long after you are gone.

Let’s practice it together. In education it’s called repetition, repetition, repetition. Why? Because repetition contains the DNA of understanding; it’s the matriarch of learning. And if something is so vital, so indispensable, so critical (there goes repetition again), as to effect life and death, I want to “ensure that you always have a reminder of these things after my decease.”

What could be so important to designate as a moral imperative that does not expire upon death? Here it is: “That you may hear, that you may learn to fear, and that you may carefully obey.” These are so imperative for life and death that I call heaven and earth to witness against you regarding such matters. Now, if that warning does not move these priorities to the lofty top in your succession and legacy plan, I think we ought to check your pulse. You might be dead already!