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2022-10-28 | Joshua 1-4 | Baptism on Dry GroundA herald is going out to the Church calling all Christians to radical, grace-empowered, faith-based obedience—obedience to God that will overtake every aspect of your life. The time has come to answer this mysterious prophetic question. What will it take to become perfect, to reach the stature and fullness of Christ? Asked another way: how will Christ become fully formed in you?

Unraveling this mystery has been a problem avoided for centuries—and when any attempt is made to solve it, the most common solution is death. We must literally die to become like Christ! We have become convinced that the only way to reach Paul’s lofty goal, “Imitate me as I Imitate Christ,” to emulate the perfect life of Christ, is to die. That strange doctrine alone is responsible for more Christians living excuse-filled lives than any other. In other words, being alive is the perfect excuse to sin. This has become ingrained into Christian thinking; “Why even consider Christlike perfection when I have the perfect excuse to remain imperfect? Since sin is a forgone conclusion, while I live and breathe, I can’t be expected or responsible to truly become like Christ. There is no practical plan for humanity to exercise complete power over sin on this side of eternity. There’s no way for me to stop sinning until I’m dead. Therefore, to become like Jesus is reserved for the afterlife, or more precisely, it is an after-death experience.”

King David did something 3000 years ago that few other men in history would dare to do. His approach should shed some light on God’s heart to change those erroneous assumptions about sin! Maybe there is an actual plan for humans to achieve what Christ commanded. “You shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.” What did David do? He anticipated what God desired and was bold enough to declare it out loud, before we see any evidence that God told him to do so! Might we do the same?

Let’s get personal! What could you accomplish for God if you could foresee His divine plan—in advance, and if you were willing to act on that plan, regardless of how crazy it might seem or how risky it might be? You see, something else happened once David proved he was willing. It was astonishing, and it would not have happened otherwise. God downloaded the blueprints of His plan to the king! Might He do the same for you?

This year we will answer many questions, as we examine the magnificent prophetic framework of the Bible. As we download God’s blueprints and decode His plan, we will learn to decipher the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven—Christlikeness heading the top of our list. On our voyage to the edge of the promised land, we have thus far journeyed from captivity, through the wilderness, and now we find ourselves standing on the bank of the Jordan. It is time to cross over into your inheritance.

What is Christianity’s ultimate inheritance, its promised land? And, what will it take for you to cross your Jordan? It’s going to take unshakable faith, the faith of a giant slayer with the heart of David, infused with grace and moved by the Holy Spirit. Are you willing to proclaim the unthinkable with the faith of a man after God’s own heart? What you will uncover is the secret that holds back the waters. Then, you can step into the river and cross over on dry ground!

You must, at this moment in history, consider your duty and calling. What is your job description in the prophetic journey of mankind? What is your role in bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth? For 2000 years we’ve prayed, “On earth as it is in heaven.” But now, the time is urgent… “For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.” You are about to be revealed!

What is Christianity’s promised land? It’s Christlikeness; it’s that on this side of the grave you no longer live in your body, but Christ lives in you, the hope of glory. And that at some prophetic moment in time, it will be the fullness of Christ in you—perfection. That is the promised land and that is where we are going.

Come–let’s go on a journey together to unlock extraordinary mysteries. Discover that the impossible is possible. Step into the dry riverbed and walk over to your ultimate destiny. Then, take part in the most exciting events the world has ever known. “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.“