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2023-04-21-Matthew-22-Mic-DropA lot has happened to bring us to this point. I suppose that even the world itself could not contain enough books to account for the life of Y’shua, His significant contribution to mankind and His impact on human history. But there was a moment when He finally quieted His detractors once and for all—the ones who would dare question Him openly. He made a public spectacle of them, silencing all those who craved to use His words as an indictment against Him with the multitudes watching.

Of course, we know what is coming, and although, never again would they attempt to entrap Him in public with questions so easily smacked aside, exposing the true motives of His interrogators, they will soon descend into treachery and blatant deception, debased minds propagating abject lies leading to spiritual and moral bankruptcy. After this, they will need someone on the inside to betray Him because no one on the outside is a match for His brilliance, grace, and meekness. Oh, they will keep coming at Him just to procure the indictment and conviction of an innocent Man, without regard for legal decorum or truth. They simply won’t be able to ever again question Him publicly—lest they also be exposed publicly.

We might say there were three defining moments in Y’shua’s ministry before His execution and resurrection. His baptism in the Jordan: The kingdom of heaven is at hand; Behold! The Lamb of God; this is My beloved Son! Then His triumphal entry into Jerusalem: Hosanna to the Son of David; Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! And His choice in the garden to remain a bondservant: not My will but Your will be done, the choice that allowed Him to keep His bride for all eternity. That’s us!

But, in order to ensure His private betrayal, He had to publicly dismantle His detractors, every last one of them questioned and found wanting. No, these religious leaders will not feel convicted, nor will they reverse course and repent. They are willing to pave the way to their own destruction with deception and by the shedding of innocent blood, scarlet droplets that will ultimately punctate their hard hearts and seal their fates. What about you? Do your words indict Him or betray Him? Oh, it’s not Him I am concerned for, it’s you—because if you insist, His words will leave you speechless.