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2023-04-28 | Matthew 23 | The Hypocratitudes“If you do not believe Moses’ writings, how will you believe My words?” If the Lord says that to you, be certain you are missing something important from Moses’ words. The disconnect comes easy when you spend enough time doing your own thing, while convincing yourself you are doing the Lord’s thing. Even worse is if you teach others to do the same. The end of that game is a disaster. You will fall so far down the rabbit hole that you can’t climb out. Before that happens, before you are convicted of always saying, but never doing, or doing, but doing the things of men and calling them the things of God, stop! Take pause while it’s not too late.

The whole of this attitude towards God is hypocrisy—bending His words to say what you want them to say, so you can do what you want to do, while claiming moral superiority over those who don’t follow your ways. Another form of sanctimony is to say one thing and practice another, while judging others for practicing one thing and saying another. Do this often enough and you will become as helpless as a greased egg trying to climb up a waterslide. There are a few guarantees in store for such practitioners. Everything covered will be revealed; everything hidden will be known. And, you will not escape the judgment of God! The entire outcome hinges on your attitude. If you have a “beatitude,” it will afford the blessings bestowed upon those whose hearts are fixed on the kingdom of heaven—those who know what the kingdom of heaven is like and endeavor to live as such. If you have a “hypocratitude,” it will afford the woes bestowed upon those who live in hypocrisy and sanctimony—those who say and do not do, while judging others who do the same.

You choose: blessings—bliss, ecstasy, exaltation, supreme happiness, and heavenly joy. Or, woes—sorrow, distress, wretchedness, sadness, heartache, despondency, desolation, despair, trouble, difficulty, tribulation, burden, misfortune, disaster, and tragedy. Know this, when the Lord speaks to you, if it sounds anything like this: “Woe to you…,” instead of “Blessed are you…,” rethink your approach immediately. Realign your attitude towards the words of Moses and the words of Y’shua. How, you might ask? First believe Moses’ words, if ever you hope to believe the words of Christ! And newsflash—Christ’s words were written about you!