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There is more to say than could be said with words. Really think about it. There are only two days remaining until He takes His last breath on this side of eternity. “Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit.” And having said this, He breathed His last. It all comes down to this and the number of significant things—history-changing things, personal life-changing things that are about to take place in the span of less than forty-eight hours.

The Sermon on the Mount of Olives was complete. It was finished late afternoon, close to sunset, the day after His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Think about all that happened in those preceding two days, most of those events taking place on two visits to the temple. Technically, it’s less than two full days. He rode into Jerusalem in the morning, left the city that night, went back the next morning, and that evening He left the city again and went up onto the Mount of Olives to deliver that sermon. There He taught about the coming end to a dying religious system and about the signs of the end-of-the-age and how to be prepared. If we think about the timing of Passover, which takes place as the sun is setting, we get a clearer picture of when He completed that sermon. When He was finished teaching, He said to His disciples, “You know that Passover is just two days from now, and I will be handed over to be crucified.” This places the timing of that sermon late in the day on Monday—forty-eight hours before Passover.

The next day, Tuesday morning, He is in Bethany being anointed for His burial with expensive perfume, and that evening, the night before the Passover, is when Jewish men would traditionally make their final preparations. It’s called the preparation day and on that evening Y’shua will share His last meal, the Last Supper, as He delivers His final preparation remarks to His closest disciples. To get ready, He sends His disciples ahead into Jerusalem to secure a room in which to prepare.

After the meal that night, He is off to the Garden of Gethsemane where His life as the Passover Lamb will be traded for the lives of all mankind. Subsequently, a court case takes place in the cover of darkness, mitigated that night by hypocritical religious leaders at the helm. And we know the timing because Peter is waiting overnight in the courtyard of the High Priest for a verdict, when the morning rooster crows, but not before he had denied his Lord three times.

That morning Y’shua is passed off to the Roman courts because the Jewish leaders display the worst brand of cowardice imaginable. They want Him dead, but they need someone else to do the dirty work. By noon Y’shua is beaten, bloodied, His flesh is torn from His body, and He is there hanging on a cross innocent, but crucified in humiliation for all to see.

The question for you is this; are you willing to go there with Him? Would you walk in His final footsteps? The journey through those final moments are unmatched in intensity and significance by any other span of hours in the history of humanity. Will you go there? Will you walk like He walked?