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2022-08-19 | Deuteronomy 7-11 | The Great ParadoxThe most expensive thing in the universe is free. Make sense? Let me say it in another way to clear up any contradiction; it will take every resource you have to buy something infinitely valuable that cost nothing. Is that better? No? Okay, try this; the faith that you were given for free, which guaranteed your eternity with God for free, will cost you everything. Still confused?

These are what are known as paradoxical statements. A paradox is a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when further investigated and explained proves to be well founded or true. I assure you, the above statements are true. Yes, they are absurd on the surface and seemingly contradictory, but they are nevertheless accurate; they are indeed fact.

It’s the great paradox. You come to the Lord naked and ashamed, and deserving of nothing. You are a helpless child and have nothing to offer Him. Yet, the Lord says, come buy bread with money you don’t have; use what is in your empty pockets to purchase living water from the fountain of life—an absurd paradox! Do you see it now? It is the most valuable thing in the universe and you do not have a single asset to offer in exchange. Yet, you partake freely. And suddenly something extraordinary happens. Your eyes are opened and you see everything before you that must be left behind you. Everything you were, all you held as sacred, each dear thing from which you crafted your persona, formed your identity, and derived your self-worth, you must now let die. Everything? Yes everything! You have become a new creature; it had cost you nothing and now it will cost you everything.

“What must I do to become a disciple?” That becomes the burning question; that becomes the only relevant question. And the answer becomes the only thing that matters. Y’shua said, “He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit.” In other words, the fruit one produces is the evidence that one has become a true disciple. But, unless a seed falls into the ground and dies, it cannot produce fruit. Those who received that free faith, who freely ate the bread and drank from the fountain must now forsake all, even their very lives. If that is you, it will cost you everything for this thing that cost you nothing. It’s obviously absurd and seemingly contradictory. But, now that we’ve further investigated, it has proven to be well founded and true. It’s the greatest of all paradoxes!