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2020-07-10 | Numbers 22-25 | Flexible Prophets for Hire

Sermon Notes

I am really not happy with what God is saying, so I have a great idea. If I present my case from a different point of view, I am sure Yahweh will adapt. If needed I will invest tremendous time and resources into getting Yahweh to agree with me. I can even convince a few godly people to back me up. With a new perspective and all that commitment and support, I’m certain Yahweh will change His mind. And let’s face it, we need to be flexible with the way we interpret God’s intentions! When He says, “For I am Yahweh, I do not change…” And, “Y’shua the Messiah is the same yesterday, today, and forever,” He doesn’t actually mean what appears so obvious. A better way to interpret these Scriptures is that, “As long as I have a good enough reason, Yahweh will comport with my desires.” It is His flexibility that never changes! Join us as we put this to the test!

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2020-07-03 | Numbers 19-21 | Juicy Rocks and Fiery Serpents

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Your testimony is certain; your track record with Yahweh is well established. Y’shua has shown up time and again in your life. He is clearly the Rock of your Salvation, your bread from heaven and your living water. Yet, here you are again up against the impossible. What do you do at these pivotal times in your life? How do you react? “You are always with me Yahweh, so I got this. With You, anything is possible.” Or, “Why did you bring me all the way here Father, only to abandon me and let me crash?” “Besides all that past provision was worthless anyway!” Which road do you take when times get tough? “Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” (Matthew 7:14)

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2020-06-26 | Numbers 16-18 | A House Divided

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I want what I want, I want it now, and I want it easy. And more importantly, I want what’s yours, and I especially don’t want you to have it! That my friends is covetousness in its purest form. Now let’s mix in a little witchcraft and make a public spectacle of the whole thing and let’s see whose side Yahweh is on. I’m confident He’s on my side, as it is clear you have just come with your own agenda, and what is more clear is that there is no reason God chose you when he could have chosen me and my rebellion. Plus, I’m terribly dissatisfied with what I’ve been given, even though Yahweh says it too is special, He’s clearly mistaken; I’m confident I know better then He as well! Does any part of this resonate in your spirit, even a tiny bit? If so, tune in and let’s see where the Fire of Yahweh lands!

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2020-06-19 | Numbers 13-15 | Life, Lies And Confused Spies

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Whose report do you believe? It would seem that the majority of reports can’t be trusted. If we use Biblical standards to evaluate what percentage of information presented to “the people” is deceiving, we would come up with a staggering figure: 83.33%. Look around you today; can you trust the reports, can you believe what you are seeing and hearing? Do you fall for the same level of deception when feeding on the public narrative? When you look at your brother, do you see the color of his skin or the color of his blood; or more importantly the color of the blood that covers his sin? Join us as we break away from the lies of bad reports and prejudice.

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2020-06-12 | Numbers 8-12 | Don’t Let Your Complaining Define You

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Let your light shine into the world like the six branches on the left and right of the Messiah on the lampstand of God. The work of the Holy Spirt is to bring about these six attributes of Christ in your life: the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, and the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of Yahweh.

But, is “resistance” your automatic response to the molding of your character by the Holy Spirit? Is your reflex reaction to complain when you don’t immediately get your own way? Do you quickly forget all that God has done for you and revert back to discontent and impatience the moment you face challenges? Join us as we explore what it means to let Yahweh mold us into the light of a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden!

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2020-06-05 | Numbers 4-7 | Counted In For Kingdom Business… Take a Vow

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Y’shua’s words in Matthew 5:33-37 are often cited as evidence that making promises to Yahweh, or in more “Biblical Terms” swearing a vow or an oath, is erroneously thought to be something we ought not do. But, taking a deeper look into His words reveals quite the opposite conclusion; yes, do make vows, but under no circumstances swear falsely. Let your “yes be yes, and our no be no.” Have you ever seriously considered the vow you made to Yahweh? Are you truly “set apart” and less concerned for who society says you are, and more focused on your “promise” to be who Yahweh says you are in Him? In this week’s Torah Portion we explore what “our” Nazirite Vow should look like. Yes! The vow you took as a Born-Again believer closely resembles the instructions Yahweh gave Moses in the Book of Numbers.

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